Section 73 application
Capital & Regional is consulting with local residents and businesses on proposed changes to the current planning consent (a Section 73 application) to better integrate the retail space, homes and potential new underground station entrance with the Town Square and provide access to the residential blocks from Selborne Road.

These changes are an evolution of the approved scheme and will:

  • Change the design of the residential buildings to reduce the massing and make Selborne Road more active and vibrant

  • Redesign the retail and restaurant units to better integrate with the public space and accommodate a potential station entrance in the future 

  • Enable a more efficient and less disruptive development programme to allow the scheme to be delivered in a shorter time period

There are no changes to the approved plans for the Town Square and trees on the site. The approved plans will provide an improved Town Square with landscaping, public art and a new children's play area.

45 Selborne Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 7JR, UK

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